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When it comes to Victoria, British Columbia’s capital, there is a lot of island-charm and unique west coast flavor packed in this harbour-front city. The ocean and mountain views wrap around the downtown core which has been historically influenced by British, Irish, and Chinese settlers.


The fusion of these three cultures and Canada’s own unique west coast vibe brings alive a bustling port reflective of its history, architecture, and merchants of days-gone-by.


Fort Victoria started as a Hudson's Bay trading post in 1843, and in 1858, the discovery of gold on the British Columbia coast launched the Fraser River gold rush and Fort Victoria’s population exploded from 300 to 5,000 in a matter of days.


In 1862, The city of Victoria was incorporated. It is officially named after Queen Victoria.


Internationally, Victoria is known as the “City of Gardens” and sees billions of blossoms every spring. In 2010, the annual flower count reached a record of 21 billion blooms.

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