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Experience Victoria was founded by a group of experienced industry veterans. We have the expertise and resources to connect visitors to all of the top-rated attractions in Victoria, providing unmatched value.


Experience Victoria carefully selects products and builds strong partnerships in the community. Our destination services consist of tours and tour development, and curated destination information such as the top dining, shopping, and activity tours recommendations. 


Our stringent quality assurance program that our suppliers undergo covers both service and safety - ensuring the highest standards. Our drivers must complete comprehensive driver/guide training to deliver entertaining, informative, and safe experiences. Combining these core values with innovative and top-rated products builds trust with our customers and is one of the keys to our success.


We offer an array of exceptional and exciting products that save visitors time and money - so they may experience more of Victoria.


Our Mission; to deliver exceptional experiences to our visitors by offering only the city's top-rated products and services. 


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